Ali Family is an extended Indian family who lives in the upper middle class. They are somewhat closely related to the Khan Family through Farah, Cole, and Nigel's mother, Makila,.

Maklia AliEdit


Maklia is the mother of Farah, Cole, and Nigel and the step-mother of Anavi Ali. She is hotshot news anchor who always constantly looking for new opportunities to advance her career. Makila has extremely high expectations on her children. especially for her oldest child, Farah. She doesn't like anyone from the Khan family and pretends they don't even exist (wants her children to do it too though they never did listened to her). She is also the type of snobby parent who often brags about her kids' and her own accomplishments as everything is a competition to her.

Fajr AliEdit


Fajr is the stepfather of Farah and Cole and father of Anavi and Nigel. He was a widower due to his first wife died when Anavi was born. Fajir works in a technology company and frequently works at home which makes it easier to keep in track of the kids. He is loving father and very kind to Makila's family relatives even through he does not know why his wife hates her family. Fajr used to be on bad terms with Farah in the past but now he is respected as her father figure.

Farah AliEdit


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Cole AliEdit


Cole is the younger brother of Farah, the older stepbrother of Anavi, as well the older half-brother of Nigel. He is a video game addict as you will never see him put a DS down. He doesn't go to any of the Millard schools and goes to a private high school. Cole is not academically focused and it was unknown to his family that he cheats to get good grades in school. He does this because he doesn't want this video games to be taken away. His mother believes that his video game addiction is just a phase when it really becoming a problem.

Anavi AliEdit


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Nigel AliEdit


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