The Altaïr Family is a family of Punjabi and Iranian ancestry. Faraz and Samila were both born in Pakistan; however, Faraz moved into America with his family in his early childhood, whereas Samila came to America upon adulthood. They met while attending the same college, and wed after a 5 year relationship, having 3 sons: Naseem, Dominick, and Barry. The family lives in a three-bedroom apartment in the city, several miles away from Millard High.

Faraz AltaïrEdit

Mr. Altair

Faraz Altaïr is the husband of Samila Altaïr and the father of Dominick, Barry, and Naseem. He's a fairly laidback and friendly man, with a quirky sense of humor, though he can be serious if need be. At times, he can be a bit vocal about his opinions. The son of two Punjabi-Pakistanis, he was born in Pakistan, but he moved to America with his parents at the age of 5. As he grew up in America during the 1970's, he's often blasting classical rock of that era from the stereo speakers in the living room, and got his sons into his music because of it. His favorites include The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, the Beatles, Def Leppard, among countless others. Currently, he is working as a doctor.

Samila AltaïrEdit

Mrs. Altair

Samila Altaïr, sometimes referred to as Sam by friends, is the wife of Faraz Altaïr and the mother of Dominick, Barry, and Naseem. Born in Pakistan, Samila's parents were Iranians that fled to Pakistan around the mid-1950s, after the Iranian government was seized by the Shah. She immigrated to America seeking economic opportunity when she was 20 years old, in the mid-1980s. As a person, she's a somewhat fussy perfectionist who strongly believes in the importance of education and hard work. Constantly, she thinks about the future of her children, and cares deeply for their well-being. Consequently, she can sometimes be a very strict and overprotective parent. Faraz is slightly more lenient, though he agrees with his wife's values. She wishes at times that she had at least one daughter, but loves her sons all the same. Currently, she is working as a real estate agent.

Naseem AltaïrEdit


Naseem Altaïr is the eldest of the three Altaïr brothers. Thus far, Naseem has not appeared physically in the RP, though he has been mentioned at least once or twice. He is currently in his sophomore year of college and living on campus, though he visits every once in a while during holidays. As a person, Naseem is very intelligent, though he's rather introverted in comparison to his brothers. He's also extremely hardworking and determined, as well as polite to others. Even when he was in high school, Naseem would always be locked up in his room, studying. When he was younger, he loved to play video games, but it seems he's outgrown them. When he's visiting, though, he sometimes plays games with his younger brothers. Samila is constantly comparing Naseem to Dominick and Barry, and nagging them to be more like him, much to their chagrin.

Dominick AltaïrEdit

AFM Dominick

See: Dominick Altaïr

Dominick Altaïr is the "middle sibling" of the three Altaïr brothers, currently a freshman in high school. Although not as studious as his older brother was, he still does fairly well in school. He gets along well with his parents and brothers, for the most part. As a person, he's generally a pretty honest guy, if a bit blunt and sarcastic from time to time. His detached attitude also makes him a tad fickle; it's rare for him to be interested in one particular thing for a long time. If there's anything he's always been partial to, it's history, war movies, and classical hard rock.

Barry AltaïrEdit

AFM Barry

See: Barry Altaïr

Barry Altaïr is the youngest of the three Altaïr brothers. Generally, he's a friendly boy, but he can be a tad too blunt at times, a bit like his brother Dominick. He has a bit of a big mouth, and isn't afraid to speak his mind. Most of his free time is spent playing video games on his Xbox 360, or watching TV. On occasion, he does go to the park to play sports with his friends or Dominick. Although his grades aren't exactly outstanding, because of his laziness, they are still rather decent due to his strict parents.

Abdul AltaïrEdit

Abdul Altair

Abdul Altaïr is one of Naseem, Dominick, and Barry's cousins from their father's side of the family, currently a sophomore in high school. Occasionally, Abdul stays over at their place when his parents are away on business trips. Unlike most of his family, Abdul doesn't do very well in school; his average usually falls in the range of a C-. His parents never stop lecturing him about his grades, though he usually tunes them out. It isn't so much that Abdul is a complete dolt; he's just incredibly lazy. If there's one thing Abdul's good at, however, it's video games. An especially avid Call of Duty player, his biggest pride is his 3.21 K/D ratio in Modern Warfare 2. At times, he appears to be a little indifferent and antisocial, especially in family gatherings, and he doesn't smile very often.


Other AppearancesEdit

Apartment in The Sims 3Edit

(Note: Due to certain limitations in The Sims 3, the apartment building's depiction in the game is actually smaller than it should be. In actuality, it should have six floors, four apartments on each floor, and an emergency stairwell. As well, the building is actually in a more residential area, rather than directly in the city itself.)


  • Originally, the family's surname was "Hawthorne", but it was later changed to "Altaïr" so as to fit their ethnical background more appropriately.
  • Altaïr (pronounced al-tai-ear) was taken from the name of the protagonist of the original Assassin's Creed, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, and means "the flying eagle".
  • Despite having Islamic roots, the family does not heavily practice religion. Although Faraz was raised by Muslim parents and had to visit the mosque every Friday when he was younger, he gradually stopped doing so after moving out of his parents' house. On the other hand, while Samila practiced Islamic tradition with her family back in Pakistan, she slowly drifted away from her customs as well after assimilating in America. However, she still inherently considers herself Muslim and occasionally makes prayers. The kids haven't really been forced to practice any Islamic traditions.

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