The Armati Family is a family with Scottish and Italian roots. Both from Scotland, Alessandro and Eloise met on a blind date arranged by a mutual friend. By a stroke of luck, they fell in love. After a two-year relationship, they tied the knot and had Slyvester before immigrating to America six years later, where they had Castor. They live in an ornate, two-story house in west Greenburg.

Alessandro ArmatiEdit

Alessandro Armati

Alessandro Armati is the husband of Eloise Armati and the father of Castor and Slyvester. Although he was raised in Scotland for most of his childhood, he and his parents were born in Italy. Much like his son Castor, Alessandro is very polite, charming, and down-to-earth. Currently, he is working as a firefighter.

Eloise ArmatiEdit

Eloise Armati

Eloise Armati is the wife of Alessandro Armati and the mother of Castor and Slyvester. She was born and raised in Scotland, as evident from her incredibly strong Scottish accent. Her accent is sometimes so strong that others may have difficulty understanding her from time to time. She's very gentle and loving, and is usually lenient on her children. However, she stresses the importance of manners. Currently, she is working as a teacher in an elementary school.

Castor Liam ArmatiEdit


See: Castor Liam Armati

Castor Liam Armati is the younger of the Armati brothers. Charming, polite, as well as down-to-earth, it's hard not to like Castor. His parents named him after a star in the Gemini constellation (incidentally, he is a Gemini). His accent has a hint of Scottish, as his mother is partly Scottish. He also loves listening to music, playing guitar, as well as playing chess and hanging out with friends.

Sylvester ArmatiEdit

Slyvester Armati

Sylvester Armati is the older of the Armati brothers. He's charming and well-mannered, although more aloof and distant than his brother. Currently a college student studying architecture, he takes a great interest in constructing and designing buildings. When they were younger, he and his younger brother quarreled every so often, but now, the two get along fine, almost like old friends.


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