Character Info Edit

Side Evil
Age 14
Role Bridgehollow Student
Grade 9th Grade
Friends Chris
Enemies James
Favorite Subject None
Least-Favorite Subject All
Controlled by Wii Maniac

Brian wanted Millard High to be his, but wasn't very open about it when he attended it. He used to bully nerds like James but he does have a heart, though. He transferred out of the school in one of the earlier parts of the New RP.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

Mandy ImpertinentEdit

When Brian still attended Millard High, Mandy used to constantly try to get Brian's attention, mainly because she used to have a crush on him. For example, Mandy asked Brian if her painting (which had him and her kissing and Sandy being eaten by a shark in the background) was good in Art. He said it was good but he didn't look at it, so he didn't know that Mandy had a crush on him because he didn't see the paiting. Mandy is currently unaware that Brian was the one who stuffed her into her locker on the first day of school and probably never will find out... just like Brian will never find out that Mandy liked him because he goes to Bridgehollow High now. Now, Mandy is in a relationship with Erick

Other AppearancesEdit

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