The Cruz Family is a small family, consisting only of Ejona Cruz and her only son, Sean. The two live in a small, cheap apartment in Boston, Massachusetts. With the death of Ejona's husband, Raúl, due to a tragic car accident some years back, the family is experiencing a severe financial crisis. However, even prior to Raúl's death, the family was poor, as Raúl always put himself in serious debt.

Ejona CruzEdit

Ejona Cruz

Ejona Cruz is a widowed mother of one. She has severe medical conditions that inhibit her physical being, and has to use a wheelchair. Because of this, she can no longer find a job. Despite her sickly disposition, however, she has a strong sense of pride. She becomes easily offended if she feels that she is being coddled too much because of her handicap. If pushed too far, she can become extremely loud and abrasive. She is of Russian and Vietnamese descent.

Sean Desmond CruzEdit

AFM Sean

See: Sean Desmond Cruz

Sean Desmond Cruz is the only son of Ejona Cruz. Being that his mother is handicapped, he upholds full responsibility for the family even though he is only 17. For the most part, Sean is a fairly nice guy, but you certainly don't want to get on his bad side, as he can get flared up at even the most minor of provocations if you're not careful. Bearing a heavy Bostonian accent, it's hard not to notice him. He's very loud, loves to express his opinion, and "dahsn't give a haht damn" what other people think.


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