The Cull Family is a family that consist of a married couple and their three daughters.

Barney CullEdit

Barney Cartoon

Barney Cull is a ship captain and harbormaster, who owns several boats, one of which he purchased from Ol' Gabby's junkyard. He is the father of three daughters (Ame, Jamie, and Mira). Barney is also the husband of Elmira. His family is very poor although their house was a gift from his brother Sir Charles. Barney can be a bit hot-headed sometimes and he gets along with Ame and Mira more. When Ame asked her parents if Fern could stay at their home, Barney agreed since Ame found a friend.


Elmira Cartoon

Elmira is a grumpy woman who extremely dislikes noise, unpleasant things, and disruption. Elmira is the mother of three daughters (Ame, Jamie, and Mira). She is also the wife of Barney. Her family gets financial support from her sister's husband. She gets along with Jamie well, though she also gets along fine with Ame and Mira. She was regretting her decision of letting Ame's best friend stay at their home.

Ame CullEdit


Ame is a 9th grade girl who has an older sister named Jamie and a young sister named Mira. She also attends Millard High with other fellow schoolmates. Ame made friends with a fern might have guessed it, Fern! Fern tries to help Ame get noticed more. Ame also has two cousins named Amanda Jane and Isabella. Ame gets along with her dad and Mira more than her mom and Jamie.

Mira CullEdit


Mira Cull is the daughter of Barney and Elmira. She is also the sister of Ame and Jamie.

Jamie ClampEdit

Jamie Cartoon

Jamie is a very studious girl who hates it when people don't take things seriously. She is Elmira and Barney's daughter and Ame and Mira's older sister. As stated, she is the oldest sister in the family. Jamie tends to be mean to everyone except studious people. Jamie never liked party animals and she has to live under the same roof with her sisters and Ame's friend Fern.


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