The Dumitru Family is a family that consists of married couple Brandon "Brad" and Frida Dumitru with their five children, Max, Dan, Violet, Magenta, and Fern.

Brandon "Brad" DumitruEdit


Brandon "Brad" Dumitru is a neurotic husband to Frida and the overprotective father of his five children. He often is described as "the stay-at-home" dad because that's literally where he is most of the time. Sometimes to calm himself down, he helps his eldest daughter Fern with the garden.

Frida DumitruEdit

Frida Cartoon

Frida Dumitru is a loner wife to Brandon "Brad" and the overprotective mother of her five children. She is often described as "the stay-at home" mom because that's literally where she is most of the time with her family. She often doesn't leave the house if you count being out in the garden most of the day.

Fern DumitruEdit

Fern Human Cartoon

See also: Fern Dumitru

Fern Dumitru is the eldest daughter of Brandon "Brad" and Frida and the oldest out of her four siblings, Max, Dan, Violet, and Magenta. Her birth was really confusing yet mysterious: Her parents found a mysterious looking seed on the window ledge that was dropped off by a pretty bird. They decided to plant it to see what it becomes.... In nine days (instead of nine months) it's grown and there is a baby in the leaves crying.... And being submerged in water for a while will trigger her to become a plant so she often avoids water. She never goes anywhere out of the house unless she asks for her parents' permission. Also she usually doesn't confide everything in them like telling them about her crush on Zion Rivers who is not their race.

Violet DumitruEdit

Magenta DumitruEdit

Max DumitruEdit

Dan DumitruEdit

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