The Garcia Family is a family of Mexican and Italian origins. Both parents are immigrants from Mexico, but Emannuel has family from Italy. The Garcia Family has five children, all boys. Both parents have jobs, so the family financially is fine.

Emmanuel "Manny" GarciaEdit

Emannuel AFM

Emmanuel "Manny" Garcia is the husband of Theresa, and the father of Max, Carlos, Carson, Luis, and Damien. He is a serious but fun person once you get to know him. He is a mechanic at a auto repair shop.

Theresa GarciaEdit


Theresa Garcia is the wife of Emmanuel and the mother of Max, Carlos, Carson, Luis, and Damien. She is loud, upfront, but still loving. She works at a hair salon as a stylist.

Max GarciaEdit


Max Garcia is the oldest son of Emmanuel and Theresa. He is 21 years old and is in college right now. He is laid back, but has one love, which is skateboarding. He even inspired Carlos to love skateboarding. He doesn't have a job and mooches off his parents for money. He does have a girlfriend but he rarely mentions her.

Carlos GarciaEdit

Carlos AFM
See Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia is the son of Emmanuel and Theresa and the oldest of the triplet brothers, about 10 minutes older. But because his mom gave birth to him at 11:55 p.m., his birthday is celebrated a day before his brothers. He is 15 years old. He is the sports and music one of the triplets, who does skateboarding and being outside. He is the leader of Runaway Time, a band of close punk friends of his. Even though he looks like and sounds like a rebel, if you get close to him, he's sweet. He is Daisy Boone's boyfriend.

Carson GarciaEdit

Carson AFM

Carson Garcia is the son of Emmanuel and Theresa and the second oldest of the triplets. He is a freshman in high school. He is the video game one, but the most social of the triplets, playing video games in his room most of the day. He does come out though. When he's not playing video games, he with friends, so you rarely see him.

Luis GarciaEdit

Luis AFM

Luis Garcia is the son of Emmanuel and Theresa and the youngest of the triplets. He is the brains of the triplets, getting As in everything. Even though he is a freshman, he takes some sophomore classes in his sigh school. He doesn't get out much.

Damien GarciaEdit

Damien AFM

Damien Garcia is the youngest son of Emmanuel and Theresa. He is seven years old and is in second grade. He is very cute and will get away with anything. He makes his brothers do everything, but him and Max were like a duo. Now that he's in college, Damien has to try and get one of his triplet siblings to play, which is usually Carlos.

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