Gauld Family Tree

The Gauld Family are all English, however, they moved to America because of Chris and Jill's business going global. They live in a two story house, two and a half miles from Millard High.

Chris GauldEdit

Chris Gauld

Chris Gauld is a 43 year old man, who is Gracie and Richard's father, and Jill's husband. He is very formal and smart, and spends a lot of time working around his business, however, he is very friendly and spends most evenings, with the kids having some "Family Time". He isn't really into music but really enjoys art and the house is full of it thanks to him. He hopes to inspire his children into using their artistic skills to aid them in life. He also enjoy football and enjoys watching the local team, and is always willing, in his free time, to have a friendly kick about with the kids.

Jill GauldEdit

Jill Gauld

Jill Gauld is a 40 year old woman, who is Gracie and Richard's mother, and Chris's wife. She helps in her husband's buisness now and again, but she prefers to have a friendly socialize with family and friends. She enjoys slow, un-lyriced music and also enjoys art. She enjoys cooking and is always experimenting with new foods.

Gracie GauldEdit

See: Gracie Gauld

Gracie Gauld is a 14 year old girl, who is Richard's sister, and Chris and Jill's daughter. She loves to draw, act and other things to do with "The Arts". She is fairly average over other subject areas, but does have a habit of day-dreaming. She enjoys listening to modern pop and, like her mum, enjoys cooking.

Richard GauldEdit

Richard Gauld

Richard Gauld is a 9 year old boy who is Gracie's brother, and Chris and Jill's son. He is very family oriented, and admires his big sister, and wants to have her skills when he's older. He is okay at Art but loves constructing and building things. Also, he isn't really into music. He is doing well in his first school, getting good grades in Maths, Science and Geography, and across the rest, getting Cs and a couple of Bs.

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