Greenburg is a small, suburban town located somewhere in the United States. Its exact location in the country has been kept vague thus far. Most of the events in the RP take place here, as it is where Millard High is located. Many of Millard High's students live within the town; however, there are also quite a few that live outside the town, some even as far as the city.


Greenburg was founded some years after 1796 by Martin Green, of whom the town is named for. By this point, the nearby train city of New Bridge had been founded, and became quite popular. Being near this area brought in many settlers and helped the town grow.

In 1811, Dave Warren, the mayor at the time, had an irrational fear of fruit and thus evoked a ban prohibiting fruit from being bought, sold, or eaten in town. Many citizens were unhappy with this and either protested or attempted to circumvent the ban by smuggling fruit into town. Eventually, this led to an all-out civil war between the citizens and the town's administration. As a result, Warren was booted out of town and replaced by a new mayor, but not without numerous casualties.

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