Greenburg Museum

The Greenburg Museum is a history museum located across the other side of the town from Millard High. Its exhibits detail the history of the town, right from its foundation in the beginning of the colonial times to the present day. Each of the twelve exhibition halls represents a different era of the town. Artifacts are protected by a special laser system that shocks anybody who comes near it. A gift shop and dining hall is located in the entrance lobby; however, most of what they offer is incredibly overpriced.

The Millard High students paid a visit to the museum during Part 24 of the RP as a field trip. As always, however, things don't go quite as planned. In the middle of the tour, an artifact was stolen from the museum. Shortly thereafter, the power was cut off and the museum went into a lockdown. Some of the students find a hidden passageway previously hidden by a large display case and decide to go in and explore, perhaps hoping to find a way to escape the lockdown.