The Hillhouse Family is an American family, neighbors of the Skyler's. Isaac, a single parent takes care of his 3 children; Cindy, Lauren and Miles.

Isaac HillhouseEdit


Isaac Hillhouse is the father of Cindy, Lauren and Miles Hillhouse. He worked in a medicine factory. His wife died few hours after Lauren's birth, so he takes care of the three. He may be a little grumpy and haves his temper, mostly on his son's schemes, but loves them deeply.

Miles HillhouseEdit


See: Miles Hillhouse

Miles is the older child of Isaac, and the brother of Cindy and Lauren. He's a trouble-maker, mischievous guy, and loves to make the house his playground. He can be lazy and careless, and is forced to take care of his sisters when his dad's at work. No matter how cute and innocent they look, they sisters are cruel towards him.

Cindy HillhouseEdit


Cindy is the middle child of Isaac, sister of Lauren and Miles. Her goal in the life is became a world-wide pop singer, due this, she haves a big imagination and often goes a bit too far. She and Miles always fight and often they blame each other about others schemes, also she constantly calls him "dork". However, she and Lauren are best friends and they always shares everything; the only thing Cindy hates about her, is that people says that they both are twins. Cindy's in 6th grade.

Lauren HillhouseEdit


Lauren is the youngest child of Isaac, sister of Cindy and Miles. Cindy's the shadow of her outgoing sister, and often haves a blank expression on her face, though she's very pretty. She's neat, polite and a bit shy too. She haves an obsession on being just like her sister, so she's very united to her (even, she dresses just like her), however this makes that people thought they're actually twins, much to Cindy's chagrin. Lauren's in 4th grade.


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