The Khan family is a family hailing from India and England.  Ahmed immigrated to America a year after he graduated high school, so he could attend college. Elisabeth's family soon moved over from England after Elisabeth graduated from university. They met at a party for one of Ahmed's friends (who turned out to be one of Elisabeth's friends as well) and started going out after that. They married and now have been together for 30 years. They live in a suburb close by the city with three kids.

Ahmed KhanEdit


Ahmed Khan is the husband of Elisabeth Khan and the father of Muhammed, Sharmila and Alexander. Incredibly soft-spoken and sweet, Ahmed came from a very simple upbringing in an rural area of India. He always had a great passion for American literature growing up, and even studied it in college. As of now, he's an English teacher for one of the most prestigious high schools in the tri-state area.

Elisabeth KhanEdit


Elisabeth Khan is the husband of Ahmed Khan and the mother of Muhammed, Sharmila and Alexander. She was born in an Indian community in England to British-Indian parents. Elisabeth has always been extremely fond of rock music from a young age, and passed on her love of said music to her eldest son. She is a stay-at-home mother.

Muhammed KhanEdit


Muhammed Khan is Senior attending Millard High. He has some of the best grades in the school, he's one of the better player's on Millard's baseball team, he hangs out with geeks and jocks alike, and is the frontman in his own band. He's equally regarded as 'Cool' and a 'Loser' by his peers.

Sharmila KhanEdit


--under construction--

Alexander KhanEdit


Alexander is the youngest son of Ahmed and Elisabeth, as well as the younger brother of Muhammed and Sharmila. He is only 4 years old but is incredibly bright for his age.

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