The Lankton Family, is not much of a family at all. It's a very broken home they live in. The household is very poor and house they liven in is in poor condition, very often losing power or plumbing due to bills not being paid on time. The situation is a child welfare's nightmare.

Joanne LanktonEdit


Joanne, while still young, is a nasty and bitter woman. While she was in high school, she was sexually assulted and raped by an older boy, unfortunettly resulting in and unwanted pregnancy. Due to her parents strict beliefs against abortion and adoption, she had the baby, who grew up to be Demetri. Because of the horrific circumstances that brought him into the world, his mother resents him for it. She considers him the child of the man who ruined her life and a spawn of satan. Because of Demetri's undiagnosed asperger's sydrome, which caused hysterical outbursts as a child, it solidified this belief in her mind. She fequently verbally and physically abuses Demetri and neglects some of his basic needs. She's threatened him as a child that she'd go as far as to kill him and leave him in a dumpster. She's threatened numberous times in his teen years to kick him out into the streets.

Augustine RichardsEdit


Augustine Richards is a convicted rapist and sexual offender. He was arrested for sexually assulting a 15 year old girl in his school when he was a Senior in high school. He only served 6 years jail time, however since then he's been jailed on numberous counts of theft and drug charges. Since the incedant in high school, he has had no contact with Joanne or her son.

Demetri LanktonEdit


See: Demetri Lankton

Demetri Lankton is the son of Joanne and the an unfortunette victim of child abuse. From a young age, he has known that his mother hated him. The cruel words she said to him greatly lowered his confidence. He does blame himself for her feelings for him, both for the violent outbursts that his autism caused as a child, and for being born at all. Because of the abuse, he is depressed and many times, suicidal, wishing he was never born. He is very malnourished due to his mothers neglect.

Demetri, though never meeting his biological father, knows what he did and what he looks like. Demetri finds him to be a sick and awful man, but finds the stricking similarities between him and his biological stricking and as a result, hates himself for it. He is constantly in fear of ending up like him. He dyes his hair black because his natural hair color is the same as his father's.

Other Photos Edit


Lankton family portrait in BannedStory

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