The Lantern Family is a wealthy family who lives in the rich side of Grenburg. They earn their money through the successful and popular cruise company that the father is the co-founder of.

Ethan LanternEdit


Ethan Lantern is the father of Zoey. Orignating from California, he is the co-founder of the popular cruise line, The Captains Lantern, the name of which is a play on his surrname. As a young boy, he was fasinated with boats and ships and wanted to become rich and successful using this passion. As a young adult, with his life savings and some help from his already well off family, he pursued his wild idea of starting a cruise line. A few years later, after the success of the company, he met a young model named Cathline and soon married her and started a family with her. 

As a person, his reputation is very important to him. He can be pretty snobish and cocky about his achievements, often flaunting them in peoples faces.

Cathline Hamalton-LanternEdit


Cathline, is an extremely beautiful woman and the mother Zoey. In her younger years she was a well known model and occasionally had roles as a porn star. She met Ethan on his cruise liner during an exclusive party that she was invited to. Ethan instantly enamored by her and fell in love instantly. When is came down to marrage however, Cathline was not for sure how stable a marrage with a man a decade older than her would be, so she opted to keep her maiden name hyphenated with her new surrname.

She is a very stuck up and air-headed person. She believes that young women should try their hardest to look beautiful and act proper. She forces this ideal onto her daughter frequently, much to her dismay.

Zoey LanternEdit


Zoey Lantern's full pagehere.  Zoey is the daughter of Ethan and Cathline. While still caring for her parents, she disapproves of their snobish behavior and their forcing of their lifestyle onto her. This causes her to be pretty rebelious and often ignore her parent's wishes. Despite this, they still seem have a good relationship with each other.

Due to her large resemblance to her mom, she is often called her 'Mini Me'. Unfortunettly this title comes with her mother insisting she have the same beauty standards as her and be just like her.

Other Photos Edit


Lantern family portrait in Banned Story.

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