Laquisha Fatimah Baker

Character Info Edit

Side Good/Neutral
Age 15
Role Ghetto Chick
Grade 10th
Friends Shea Hammond, Sven Tristan Stalwart (neighbors)
Enemies N/A
Favorite Subject Math
Least-Favorite Subject Cooking
Controlled by Pokemon-Trainer-Julia

Laquisha is a girl right from the ghetto area of town (she lives just down the street from the Hammond twins), She is a huge fan of Beyonce and an even huger fan of Rhianna's music. She's a smart girl but really good at hiding it behind her rough exterior. She is a sophomore appearing in the New RP.

Character ProfileEdit


  • Birthday: August 12th
  • Ethnicity: African
  • Body Type: Slim
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Hair Color: Red (Naturally Dark Brown)
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Tone: Black
  • Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous


  • Interests/Hobbies: Playing Basketball, Listening to music, tinkering
  • Favorite Color: Yellow
  • Favorite Musician/Band: Rhianna, Beyonce
  • Favorite Type of Music: R&B, Pop
  • Favorite Food: Pizza, Mac and Cheese
  • Favorite TV Show: Top Gear
  • Favorite Book: N/A
  • Favorite Movie: N/A

Report CardEdit

  • English: B
  • Math: A
  • History: B
  • Science: C
  • Computers: A
  • Gym: B
  • Art: B
  • Music: B
  • Cooking: F
  • Drama: C
  • Health: B

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Shea HammondEdit

-under construction-

Sven Tristan StalwartEdit

-under construction-


  • Laquisha dyed her hair red and got it cut in tribute to Rihanna

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