The Lopez Family is a family that have hispanic roots with two children. However, Christopher is not married to Adelina Lopez since he is an already married man and still having an affair with her.

Adelina LopezEdit


Adelina is the mother of Daniel and Mercedes Lopez. She is not married to Christopher as Christopher was already a married man with another kid. Adelina, like her daughter was a mean girl in her younger years. Now she is reformed once she had her children. Unlike both of her children, she has no supernatural powers and constantly cares for them despite their powers. However, Mercedes hates her mother because she hates that she is part-supernatural and wants nothing to do with her ( Mercedes mostly prefers her father). Daniel mostly cares about Adelina and forces Mercedes to protect their mother even when Mercedes doesn't like to do it.

Christopher BurnwellEdit


Christopher is the father of Daniel and Mercedes Lopez. He is already married rich man who is a principal of an performing arts school up in New York City. He has another child from his marriage and he clearly thinks all his children are failures ( As well . Christopher teaches his kids to hate non-supernatural people which was unsuccessful with Daniel but very successful on Mercedes. Mercedes always want her father's attention and constantly proving herself to him even through he hates her and does not care if she dies ( or any of his kids). Christopher openly treats Adelina like dirt in front of the kids as he is a very cruel man. He also have supernatural powers and part of an extremist group that promotes killing and mistreating non-supernatural people.

Daniel LopezEdit


Daniel is the older brother of Mercedes Lopez. But by his father, he considered to be a disgrace because he always protected his mother. He is the only person that Mercedes get along and loves even through she is on a different side as him. Their father unfairly committed him to a mental institution where Daniel went insane there. He has a crush on Chantel Lee.

Mercedes LopezEdit


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