Character Info Edit

Side Evil
Age 17
Role Student
Grade 11th Grade
Friends N/A
Enemies Alexis, Ame, his ex-girlfriends
Favorite Subject Health, English
Least-Favorite Subject Everything else
Controlled by Goth Boy

Marth is a rich Goth boy in the Old Millard High RP. He lives in a mansion and he thinks he can get everything (especially girls) because he has so much money. He has dated almost every girl in Millard High.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit


When Marth finds out Alexis just moved to the town in which Millard High is in from Los Angeles, he quickly tries to start a relationship with her. However, Alexis somehow already knows that Marth is a player and refuses.


Ame steps on Marth's foot when she finds out he's a player, which is sort of hypocritical considering she has had many love interests in other roleplays.


  • "I'M BREAKING UP WITH YOU!!!!! Okay, that's the fourteenth girl I've broken up with this year. Where am I gonna find a keeper?"
    —Part 2, fighting with his girlfriend via cellphone.

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