The McMarx Family is an English family who moved to America after Steven was offered a new job. Tracy and Steven met during a incident with with one of Stevens siblings in London. The two had a 4 year relationship before they wed and therefore raised 3 children; Carmen, Kai and Tia. The family moved not long after Tia finished primary and are currently living in a neighborhood not fair from Millard High.

Steven McMarxEdit


Steven McMarx is the husband of Tracy McMarx and father to Carmen, Kai and Tia. He's a workaholic and spends most of his days at the factory. He design circuit boards and sometimes works into overtime as he never leaves a job half done. However he's always jolly even when he's had no sleep. He's hardly around to see his children but he'd do anything for them. He's a big fan of cultural music and artwork.

Tracy McMarxEdit


Tracy McMarx is the wife of Steven Mcmarx and mother to Carmen, Kai and Tia. She's a very chatty women who loves to be in control. She spends most of her time on her computer connecting with others or looking after her kids. She has a complicated relationship with her daughter Carmen and they never really connect whereas she bonds well with Kai and Tia. She enjoys housework and currently works part time as a secretary.

Carmen McMarxEdit


:See: Carmen McMarx

Carmen is the daughter of Steven and Tracy Mcmarx aswell as a sister to Kai and Tia McMarx. She's the oldest child in the family. Carmen is fairly laid back and arrogant.She's never really happy and comes out with sarcastic cheeky remarks alot. She spends most of her time outside of school locked in her room, listening to music or texting. 

Kai McMarxEdit

See: Kai McMarx

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Tia McmarxEdit


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