Natalia Roshmanov

Character Info Edit

Age Classified
Role History Teacher
Friends Classified
Enemies Classified
Controlled By Anybody (Shared Control)

Natalia Roshmanov is a History teacher currently working at Millard High. She is actually working with a secret organization known as the Supernatural Protection Squad. She is spying on Millard High along with its students and staff. She is a very cryptic and mysterious woman, and simply dismisses any personal questions as "classified". Even if you just asked her about her favorite ice cream flavor, you'd be lucky to get a straight answer. Conversely, however, she seems to know everything about the students, faculty, and pretty much anybody else, including their deepest darkest secrets, and can always tell if a student is cheating on a test.



  • Natalia was originally a MySims character.
  • There is a running gag throughout the RP that nobody knows of Natalia's true marital status. The students are not sure whether they should call her "Ms." or "Mrs. Roshmanov.

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