The Park Family is a family that have Puerto Rican and Jamaican origins which have three children.

Roshawna ParkEdit


Roshawna Park is the mother of Jessie, Omar,and Emily who is native Jamaican and came up in the USA when she was younger. She is an owner of a Jamaican/Caribbean restaurant which does very good business. She fits the stereotype as a "loud-mouthed" black woman and often speaks in Ebonics/Ghetto with sometimes a heavy Jamaican accent.

Vincent ParkEdit


Vincent Park is the father of Jessie, Omar, and Emily who is a Puerto Rican American and often scared of Roshawna's wrath when she gets into her ghetto rants. He is an repairman and wants his children to have the best education as possible.

Jessie ParkEdit


See also Jessie Park

Jessie Park is the oldest child of Roshawna and Vincent Park and older brother of Omar and Emily Park. He is 15 year old and currently a sophomore in high school. Jessie is apart of a band called ' The Nor'Easters' and the childhood friend of Darren and Chantel.

Omar ParkEdit


Omar Park is the middle child of the family, little brother of Jessie Park ( two year younger than Jessie) and in 7th grade. He and Jessie don't get along well and often jealous of Jessie that Jessie has a talent in music.

Emily ParkEdit


Emily Park is the youngest child of the family, little sister of Jessie Park, and currently in Elementary School. She is a big fan of Nicki Minaj and Rihanna as she sings all of their songs obnoxiously and annoyingly everywhere. Emily uses her cute looks to get whatever she wants and seems to take after her mother's side when it comes to anger.

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