Patel Family is the family that Zain Patel belongs to. The Patel consists of around 22 people. The family bloodline originated in Mozambique and India

Fatima "Dadi-Jan" PatelEdit


Fatima Patel, referred to as "Dadi-Jan" by her grandchildren, is the "advisor" in the family, mother of 5 and she loves to pray... a lot. She cares especially for Zain's mother as she is Fatima's youngest child. Fatima immigrated from India to Canada, then from Canada to UK, then from UK to America. She was married to Gulam Ahmed Patel

Gulam Ahmed "Dada-Jan" PatelEdit


Gulam Patel is Zain's only deceased granparent and the father of 5. He cared for Zain when the family was living in England and loved him dearly. Gulam was the one to first feed food to Zain and he spoilt Zain a lot. He was married to Fatima Patel.

Noorbibi PatelEdit


Noorbibi Patel is Shiraz's mother and Zain's grandmother. She and Yunus lived with Zain's family for 4 years until she found a house. She practically lived in the kitchen with her obsession of cooking. If she ever done something wrong, she'd start again. She loved Zain dearly and comes to America to see Zain every 6 months.

Yunus Musa-Ismail-Nawal PatelEdit


Yunus Patel is the grandfather of Zain. He loves to learn about Middle-Eastern and South Asian history and is married to Noorbibi Patel. He finds the USA "dull" and quiet and opposed to the "cheery" and "colorful" London. He hesitantly comes to America. He only comes to visit Zain.

Shiraz PatelEdit


Shiraz Patel is Zain's father and Bilkis' husband. He loves anything to do with computers and technology. He is responsible for the bills and money in the family. Shiraz loves to buy electronic gadgets and would immediately get that gadget upon release.

Bilkis PatelEdit


Bilkis Patel is Zain's mother and Shiraz's wife. Bilkis loves to go out with her friends and going shopping. She can get easily bored and loves to go for walks in the morning and evening. She always volunteers for any field trips requiring parental volunteers only to make sure Zain behaves.

Zain PatelEdit


See main article for more info: Zain Patel

Zain is the son and only child of Bilkis and Shiraz Patel. He is obsessed with electronics and Nintendo products and would do anything to get something. He does quite good is school and is quite crazy.

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