The Pizza-Face Epidemic started in Part 22 of the New RP when Darren spelled Gino's face into a pizza pie because Darren felt he was irritating. Later in Part 23, Gino's wife, Stephinia came into the cooking class with a "lawyer" (Allen Heyn) to find out why Gino was this way. Jessie took the blame for his friend while Darren tried to fix the problem but ended up just making everything worse by causing a blackout, an earthquake, a lightning storm, a snowstorm, and a snow monster. He also spelled Jess, Stephinia, and Jayden's faces into pizzas as well. Liz was able to make the snow monster explode with his demon-blood/energy, covering everyone in the goop. Natalia heard all of the commotion and walked into the classroom, where she recognized a fellow agent (Mr. Heyn) from the same agency she worked at; the Supernatural Protection Squad. Mr. Heyn revealed that Natalia is a transgender and then Sherry made Emette wipe the memory of everyone who was in the classroom by drawing a pentagon with the words "Convoca Memoria extermina daemo" inside. Madeline was not in the classroom at the time so she remembers everything. Later in Science, Dr. F agreed to "help" the pizza-faces by making the students try and find cures for them. Timothy found the cure, but he was only able to help half of the victims of the epidemic as Jayden and Stephinia no longer had a pizza face after so many experiments. Mr. Heyn disappeared halfway-through the science lesson and it is unknown where he went.

Pizza-Faces and What Happened to ThemEdit

(If a condition is italicized it means it has not been cured)

  • Gino Delicioso

Started glowing and grew large, majestic angel wings.

  • Stephinia Delicioso

Mouth went on fire, turned into an airhead and floated to the ceiling, skin turned black and bubbly, and skin turned completely transparent (showing her bones and internal organs).

  • Jess Howard

Apples came out of her ears, apples came out of her mouth, apples came out of her nostrils, voice turned deeper, oranges came out of her ears, and voice turned the same as that of Shikoba's mixture.

  • Jayden Canoro

Lost his ability to repress this feelings/thoughts** and grew ten extra eyes and a hairy space like a spider

**Also happened to Shea.


  • Because Jess had apples coming out of her ears for five RP pages, there were five ceiling-high piles of apples. There was also a small pile of oranges because she didn't have them coming out of her ears for as long. They were all covered in ear wax, and they will be used for futures dishes during lunch.

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