Runaway Time is a band that was formed by Carlos Garcia. The band Runaway Time is more punk-rock or pop-rock, but they will play pop songs from time to time. They mostly do covers, but they do have original songs. It was formed and is run by Carlos Garcia, who plays bass guitar, with four of his fellow skaters that he hangs with at the skate park, but Whitney was added for her voice later on. Runaway Time isn't signed to anything, but play locally for the music and for money so they can upgrade their equipment. Only Carlos is enrolled in Millard High, it is uknown where the other five members go to for school. They are rivals with the band Landshark, a band that includes Jaazmyn Elius, who also goes to Millard High.

Carlos GarciaEdit

Carlos is the leader and the lead bass guitarist for Runaway Time. He is attending Millard High. --under construction--

Bailey CampellEdit

Bailey is the band's electric guitarist. --under construction--

Tate DomeEdit

Tate is the band's male vocalist and drummer. --under construction--

Thalia PierceEdit

Thalia is the band's backup drummer and the rhythm gutarist. --under construction--

Marley CapioneEdit

Marley is the band's keyboardist. --under construction--

Whitney DarusEdit

Whitney is the band's female vocalist and acoustic guitarist. She is Lane's cousin. --under construction--

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