The Russo Family is an Italian family. While the family does have an estate in America, they stay in their usual home in Ardea, Italy, while their youngest child Aeolos is in the Student Exchange Program, living with a family who's son was exchanged to Aeolos' school.

Agostini RussoEdit

Agostini Russo is the father of Charley Russo, and grandfather of Aleksandra, Maureen and Aeolos Russo. He is the founder of 'Agostini's Pizza' pizza chain, and the Owner of Russo Apartment complex in Rome, Italy. He is widowed, as his wife Annah passed on when Aeolos was only 3 years old. As the Russo mansion in Rome was quite lonely with Agostini living by himself and each of children living far away, his oldest son Charley invited him to live with his family. Agostini has been a huge feud with Gino Delicioso over whose pizza is better.

Charley RussoEdit


Charley Russo is the husband of Loretta Russo, and father of Aleksandra, Maureen and Aeolos Russo. He is a chef in the family's restaurant 'Agostini's Pizza'. He's a very musical man, and he's one of the people who inspired Aeolos to be a musician.

Loretta RussoEdit


Loretta Russo is the wife of Charley Russo, and the mother of Aleksandra, Maureen and Aeolos Russo. She's a waitress in the family's restaurant. She's a very caring and energetic woman, passing on the gene to her youngest son.

Aleksandra RussoEdit


Aleksandra Russo is the oldest daughter of Charley and Loretta Russo, and the older sister of Maureen and Aeolos Russo. She's very peppy and energetic. As of now, she's 20 years old and living on her own in America, while attending Beauty school and working in one of the local salons of Greenburg.

Maureen RussoEdit


Maureen Russo is the second daughter of Charley and Loretta Russo, the younger sister of Aleksandra Russo and the older sister of Aeolos Russo. She's slightly less girly than her older sister, and loves playing sports. She and Annabelle's brother Randy are very good friends, though Annabelle thinks they probably have a thing for each other. She is in her junior year of highschool and is 17.

Aeolos RussoEdit


Aeolos Russo is a freshman exchange student going to Millard High. Often very quiet and reserved, when broken out of his shell, can be very flirty and funny, and if pushed to an extreme, preachy and shouty. He is a hard worker and loves to help people and give them advice.

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