Many students in Millard High were subject to Saturday Detention in parts 19-20. The detention was overseen by the assistant principal, Dolores Grimes. It was a mandatory detention for students who were in the cafeteria while a fight occurred between Darren Wilson and Emette Smithe (who was at the time was possessed by Blue Oni) that ruined the cafeteria. Dolores unfairly punished all the students that were there as they were forced to do detention. At the detention, Dolores was about to force all the students to copy all words from the dictionary which causes a protest among the students. Mercedes also found a spray can which she used that turned Dylan, Jessie, herself back as a rat creature like in the Christmas Break. The school power went out and a mysterious person (which the person identity revealed later) was the one responsible causing the power to be out and created the school into a maze for all the students to figure their way out. Some of the students found their way to the basement where they found out some secrets about the school's past while they find their way out through the tunnels.

Students That Attended the DetentionEdit

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