The Seagraab Family is the family Madeline belongs to. Benedict and Grampire are both British and French and Ariela is Spanish and Scottish.

Benedict SeagraabEdit


Benedict Seagraab is the father of Madeline, the husband of Ariela, and the older brother of Grampire. He is a veteran of the Second World War along with Ted but has the appearance of only a sixty five year old because he drank... water. Yes, water. Not any old water though, this is the water from the fountain of youth he discovered on an island is plane crash-landed on. However, no one knows about this except for his children. He may have the body of a sixty five year old, but he does have alzheimers and often thinks he's still in the war.

Ariela SeagraabEdit


Ariela Seagraab is Benedict's much younger wife who he met at a World War 2 Veteran Reunion in Mexico. She is a very gentle and kind mother whenever she's not drunk. Whenever she gets drunk, though, her daughter, Madeline, always records it. Ariela currently is not aware of this.

Madeline SeagraabEdit


Madeline Seagraab is your typical teenage girl. She's always texting her friends from the private school she got kicked out of. She got kicked out because she was failing because of her always texting during class. She can afford all the new phones because her parents are rich, explaining why she went to a private school. However, she is against the iPhone 4S because she "doesn't want to waste her voice" and people will hear what she's doing on her phone.

Maddison SeagraabEdit





  • Originally, the Seagraabs were made to be parodies of the Landgraabs in The Sims 3.
  • Ariela's name is a pun of Ariel's name from The Little Mermaid.
  • Benedict got his name from Malcolm Landgraab's description in The Sims Bustin' Out.

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