The Toth family appears in the New Millard High RP. Only Dana Toth attends Millard High.

The Boudreaux family appears only in the New RP, too. They are the cousins of the Toth Family.

Dana TothEdit


Main article: Dana Toth

Dana Toth is a student attending Millard High. She acts very sweet and good but is really a stuck-up evil genius. Nobody notices this but her sister Mandy.

Mandy TothEdit

Mandy Toth Mandy Toth is a wise and beautiful girl who can always see through Dana and her badness. She is an A+ student in her middle school. She also is 11 years old but is a 7th grader due to skipping a grade. She has a peppy personality and is great friends with all of her sisters, her parents, and her grandomother but not Dana.

Alexandra TothEdit

[[File: Alexandra Toth.PNG]]

Alexandra Toth is a strong 14 year old girl who isn't afraid of anything, really. She is brave, protective, and a party animal. She doesn't attend Millard High but instead she attends a private school in the next town over.

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