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    So, what's cooking over here? I haven't talked to some of you for awhile, although I still appear on the chat. Oh well.

    Have seen my lack of update on the RP? I'm not sure of continue it. I mean, you are starting with the whole 'Ideas' and it makes it not too messy with random classes, random events and such. But... (not to sound like a priss or an attention whorse) I feel ignored. YES, I SAID IT!

    My OC's really not talk to anybody else, my comments aren't noticed, and I COMPLETLY don't know what's going on. If I ask, I'm sure nobody would give a crap on answering me... (I remember talking to the teacher, and whoever, which I won't say names, was controlling…

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    Greetings, this is Millard High RP Part 14! Currently, the school is about to had their Thanksgiving celebration, (if I'm not mistaken) so let's get started!

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    Ugg Boots and Shorts...

    December 22, 2011 by A go-go Sim

    Don't you hate em' together? Whatever, I guess I'm back. There were some issues in the past, but now everything's ok; but no worries. (If you even care...durr.)

    SO YAAAAAAH!!!!ONEONE!!!1!!!!1 I'm approaching this Winter Break to be back at my lazyness in front of a computer. Btw, I decided to make this blog on here, since...not feeling like going to the MS Wiki. Last time I checked, that place was full of new users and stuff I don't know. And the fact that the only "useful" thing I do is RP in here.

    Aaaaaaalso, I decided to continue going on with the RP, and not quiting over (since I had made the "perfect" excuse for my characters absent). But decided to scrap Belinda from it.

    That is all, cuties. (:

    PS: I already noticed you guys "cuss" in her…

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