Alright, so Juliawoman apparently got into Harry Potter recently. While she and I were discussing the books, I brought up the idea that we could create a side RP featuring the Millard High students as ordinary students at Hogwarts. We thought it could be fun, so here it is born.

We haven't really come up with a definitive plot yet, but let's start out with something simple: the first day at Hogwarts, starting from the train station where they'll board the Hogwarts Express. Read the first section here ("Beginning the magical career") for an idea of what's gonna happen. What'll we do after the Sorting Ceremony? Well, I suppose we'll figure it out as we go along.

The ages of the characters are gonna be downscaled in this RP. Meaning your character is a first year Hogwarts student (11 years old) if he/she is a freshmen in the main RP, a second year Hogwarts student (12 years old) if he/she is a sophomore in the main RP, and so on. Unless anybody has objections, this'll probably take place in 2007, so in other words, way after all the events in the books. Harry himself might be referenced, seeing as he's practically a celebrity in the book's world, but he probably won't make an actual appearance in the RP, seeing as he already graduated from Hogwarts a decade before.

No sign-ups required (I'm too lazy to write a bunch of bios, anyway). But maybe just list the characters you're going to use and the houses you plan to put them in? Here's a Sorting Hat Quiz you can use if you can't decide which houses your characters belong to.

Anyway, let's start. :o