So apparently, one very lovely game called Dragon Age: Origins is now free on Origin up until next week, as part of EA's "On the House" promotion/whatever it is.

Since I already got the Ultimate Edition of the game on PS3 like two years ago, this promotion isn't really worth anything to me. But I'm assuming most of you haven't played the game at all, so I implore you to take advantage of this. IMPLORE! Cryforever.gif This game is worth more than full price.

You can download it here if you're interested. Even if you aren't, just click to download, then cancel it when it asks you about making shortcuts, so that it still adds the game to your "Library" (meaning it'll be available for you to download forever, even after the promotion is over, in case you change your mind). Can't hurt, right?! Plz.png

The game's story is really character-driven, so I'm pretty sure you peeps will like it. I do...if you couldn't already guess from this post and that long, long message I wrote to Kogasawoman eons ago.

yeah idk i just wish i could talk with you guys about a game that isn't Sims or a Nintendo game for once

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