Uh...hi there.

So I'll cut straight to the point. I'm guessing most of you were wondering where the flip I was in the past month. Back in June, for whatever reason, my teachers went bananas and started giving more homework and projects than usual. I also had state examinations coming up on top of that; Spanish, Geometry, Chemistry, and Global History. Each test was literally 3 hours. :V I had two on the same day, in fact. It was pretty grimy. So I decided to cut myself a break and not go on here, just for a little while.

But then, I still didn't return, even after I finished those exams. I made a brief visit to the Wiki and got overwhelmed by the amount of new activity.

"lol...omg, ill return latar :)," I said to myself.

Ever since, I've been postponing my return...until today. The end. I love happy endings.

So what have I been doing in the past month? Playing many, many video games...well, just the Mass Effect games. I've liked the series ever since March, but I've been playin' them like crazy as of recently. I got the second and third one on PS3. Then, 'bout two weeks ago, I got the first one on the 360. My brother was lovely enough to let me borrow his console. If any of you've got a Xbox Gamertag, mine is, shockingly...BlankyXP. Oh, and my PlayStation Network user is...BlankyXP. :o I've also been lurking on the Mass Effect 3 section of the BioWare forums, going on YouTube and watching Mass Effect stuff (as you can see from my activity feed on there), along other productive things. I also went to the dentist. It was pretty cool.

So much has happened, my dear friends, but I will spare you the details. how has the RP been in my absence? Anything happened of note?

I'll try to be online more often now, but whether I'll be active as I used to be remains to be seen.

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