Millard High RP
Part 23

It took just a little bit more than an eternity to get here, and now, it is finally here, boys and girls. Drumroll, please?

Welcome to part 23 of the super. Epic. Millard High RP. Yes, yay, woohoo, and other celebratory exclamations. What a momentous occasion. Yociexp108.gif Oh, happiness.

Continuing off from the last part, the students of Millard High were doing partner work. You can check which student your character was partnered with by looking back at Part 22. They're to talk to their partner, then write a paper characterizing them based on what they learned from their conversation.

And...that's it. Let's RP, brothers and sisters.

AFM-AnnabelleAFM-AeolosAFM DominickAFM BlankyAFM SamsonAchimeirJess HowardDrew AnimeSandy ImpertinentAFM-LeslieAFM-DaisyZoeyDemetriMichael AFMCarlos AFMJayden2 AFMKurtPeaceAmanda JaneAmeFern Human CartoonAFM SvenAFM-SheaAFM-SiobhanKatEmetteAnimeAviDevonJacobAnimeAviSky.avieBelindaMegan.avieJessieDarrenChantelAFM MiaAFM SeanAFM-MuhammedGracie2Peter2Susan Bones2Thomas Havec2Craig Spedster (Anime)Steve Spedster (Anime)MikeJaazmynZionScottoRaphaelShapiroAFMIona123AipersonZainH-AhC-Si


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