We should come up with nicknames for couples, supposed couples, or couples that werent meant to be or even a couple where one assumes they are, while the other hates the other, like Timothy and Natasha!

Here's a list, feel free to add to it!

  • Timasha / Natothy -- Timothy and Natasha
  • Zaleema / Halain -- Zain and Haleema
  • Svea -- Sven and Shea
  • Domdry Detergent -- Dominick and Laundry Detergent
  • Sambelle -- Sam and Annabelle
  • Ave / Stei -- Steve and Ai
  • Sumas / Thoman- Susan and Thomas
  • Rapdele / Adael -- Raphael and Adele
  • Amessie -- Ame and Jessie
  • ?? / ?? -- Amanda Jane and Jacob.
  • Kyerren / Darryet -- Darren and Kyet

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