Today, or as i am writing this, tomorrow, is my wikiversary. I've been around wikia for 3 years now, and i'd admit i was a bit of a jerk during my first 1-2 years, but I've changed. For this wikiversary, I'm going to do 20 confessions!

  1. Goats are my fave animal
  2. A sloth bit me when I was 9.
  3. I dislike extremely chocolaty cookies.
  4. My celebrity crush is a Bollywood star.
  5. Instagram>Facebook
  6. Wikia>Instagram
  7. U guyzzz>The internet
  8. I rarely watch TV
  9. i pretend to like hockey
  10. Seahorses stare at me in an aquarium.
  11. I failed only one test in my life.
  12. I hate going to sleep, but i dont wanna wake up.
  13. Nintendo>VG Industry
  14. Waterloo Road is a show i really miss from England. It beats degrassi. Seen a few eps, i dont hate nor do i like degrassi.
  15. Walking Dead is too awesome.
  16. I have a crush on three girls in my grade, 2 which has a crush on me too, the other doesn't know me.
  17. I take racism fairly lightly, depending on the situation
  18. My dream home is in Saudi Arabia.
  19. I get hungry quite easily
  20. If I'm ever annoying, just know that I DO NOT AND WILL NOT EVER NOT CARE. I'll be nice :)

im gonna write a walking dead fanfic, does any of you guys wanna appear?

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