• CascadaQueen344

    Hello this is not Mercedes nor Natasha. I am Mercedes's older brother, Daniel Lopez. Yeah some of you are wondering why am I on her account well I'm kinda trying to you know see how she's doing and stuff like being a normal brother. So she left this account logged on and you know now am I on it so you might as well call it hacking.

    I saw some the stuff she said to you guys. I feel like shit that she said that and I wanted to apology for my sister's crazy behavior.

    So sorry about my sister's behavior.

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  • CascadaQueen344

    This for everyone who bullied me when I was going to Millard High:

    You are all bullies.

    I hope the school gets blown up.

    Oh yeah every non-supernatural in this school seriously just get blown up with the school.

    Come on at me idoits. You people just won't admit that you all bullied me. Oh yeah and Tasha thinks you all are morons.

    (( Note: I just was bored and wanted start up some IC drama. So yeah, get on your OC accounts to repond or whatever.))

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