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  • I was born on June 17
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  • DarkQueen110

    I had so many papers to do while being back in school ( and compelted my first semester of Grad School). Now that's I am done I could focus on personal life and stuff. So I like came back from the dead. I been checking on this wikia time to time but I been slow on replying. I should be a little bit more active and try to come back around in this RP. I haven't forgotten this place, don't worry!

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  • DarkQueen110

    Millard High RP
    Part 26

    We made it to Part 26 gang!

    Where we last left off: Dylan and Jessie were captured under the clutches of Dr. Shane. Jessie made it out and he was cured while Dylan was left behind but he was saved by Muhammed and Liz. The students were just ending art class and Natasha (who was actually Mercedes in disguise who was actually covering her ass due that museum incident.) blurts out how she doesn't misses all these losers. Now we finally go onto the start of spring break ( I think). Let's bring it on folks!


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  • DarkQueen110

    OMG I'm so pissed

    July 26, 2013 by DarkQueen110

    I have to spend my mother**** time trying to fix  the Backyard Sports Wikia which I haven't hang around there for a long while. I went back and it was completely DESTORYED by some spammer who put porn on there. I have a lot pages to fix and I'm not a happy woman. I have some people helping me fix it and sometimes rollback isn't working much. But god damnit, I'm pissed.

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  • DarkQueen110

    I'll be offline most of the day ( Probably). I'm going upstate New York to look at a college ( Probably thinking about going back to school for a graduate degree). It's only going to stay overnight at hotel with Wiifi most likely then come back home the next day.

    So yeah see around.

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  • DarkQueen110

    Favorite OC of mine

    March 23, 2013 by DarkQueen110

    The Title is simple. I kind of curious of which OC that I roleplay that people like and what they don't like. So I wanted to do a poll with the character I roleplay or have roleplay during the Millard High School RP ( Since I been in this RP long enough already.).

    I didn't bother putting Ms. Grimes up since she's a free for all OC and I don't care how ever she interpreted throughout the roleplay.

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