If anyone cares, my laptop decided to die on me ( waiting for it to do it for a whole dang year after I graduated from college). Last night, I left the computer on hibtate ( it shut off on me once yesterday when I left it for bit) and wouldn't dang turn back on. So I got fed up with it corrupting my Sims games ( and always trying to save it constantly) and all sort of crap. I'm like "Time to get rid of it". Now I just randomly decided, Meh I'm gonna find a way to get a new laptop ( didn't think I would probably get another one so soon). Found a deal that I can pay my laptop in payments instead of paying for a new one in one setting. So I ordered and it's "Goodbye freaking annoying laptop that I won't be using you anymore in the next couple weeks ( It's a piece of sh*t to me now)". Sure I'll miss out on getting new expandations packs (Saving money for more important things like bills) but I rather get a new laptop so I can run the packs instead of using a crappy unreliable laptop.

If I had my own place, I would be getting a damn desktop. RIP crappy Dell laptop that I used in my school years.

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