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  • Iona123

    I'm wondering, are there any other character-creator-things like BannedStory?

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  • Iona123

    Okay, so on Ibby's wiki some time ago I had a questions blog, and, since everybody's doing it now, why can't I?

    So, yeah, ask my OCs various stuff if you want.

    This feels like a blog revival. :P

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  • Iona123

    I won't be here from Friday to Monday.

    Don't do too much without me.

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  • Iona123

    The Millard High RP

    Part Twenty-Two (22)

    Part 22. Yay.

    Anyway, in the last part of this extremely long RP, Gino's face was turned into a pizza! So, let's get crackin'! RP AWAY!!!!!!!


    MySims Wiki Links

    Sign-Up Part 1

    Part 2 Part 3

    Part 4 Part 5

    Part 6 Part 7

    Part 8 Part 9

    Part 10 Part 11

    Millard High RP Wiki Links

    Sign-Ups   Part 11.5

    Part 12  Part 13

    Part 14   Part 15

       Part 16   Part 17

    Part 18   Part 19

       Part 20   Part 21

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  • Iona123

    Well, I think this is a multiple topic blog............

    School starts for me tomorrow. *even-more-sarcastic-than-Raphael tone* Whoopee.

    This means I won't be as active. :(

    I've gotten really into Kid Icarus Uprising lately. I don't have the game, but it seems pretty cool. My favourite character has to be either Pit, Dark Pit or Hades.

    Can't wait for it to come out. It comes out in Europe on Friday, the day after I start school again.

    Also, you'll easily think this is a chair, right?

    You are highly mistaken. -_-

    I was thinking about writing a story from my OC Raphael's point of view. Why? Because Raphael's fun to control.

    Haha, I tricked you. That wasn't the last section of this blog.

    That is all. -_-

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