• Kat Baargeld

    cringe cringe cringe

    December 20, 2014 by Kat Baargeld

    is this postpunk or postrock i can't even tell

    god i hate reading back my older posts

    As promised a very long time ago, I will be returning. Here I am, hopefully. I have a functioning computer finally, and I have also situated myself a bit further. My return was set back due to a lot of educational instability last schoolyear, as well as early this year as the advanced art class I decided to take is far too pretentious for my taste. Actually it isn't too pretentious, it's really just as pretentious as I am, maybe just less I don't know, self aware? Something like that, but regardless I'm so socially and artistically outcasted from the rest of them. I got that taken care of and I will only be completing the rest of the semester with that cla…

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