is this postpunk or postrock i can't even tell

god i hate reading back my older posts

As promised a very long time ago, I will be returning. Here I am, hopefully. I have a functioning computer finally, and I have also situated myself a bit further. My return was set back due to a lot of educational instability last schoolyear, as well as early this year as the advanced art class I decided to take is far too pretentious for my taste. Actually it isn't too pretentious, it's really just as pretentious as I am, maybe just less I don't know, self aware? Something like that, but regardless I'm so socially and artistically outcasted from the rest of them. I got that taken care of and I will only be completing the rest of the semester with that class, and had it replaced next semester with Comparative Mythology, which is taught by one of my favorite teachers. I'm pleased.

After that whole dilemma, which only recently has been solved, I learned earlier this week that a very good and important friend passed away. I am still dealing with that, as well as a series of harder-to-explain, more internalized things, but I am certainly a lot better than I was a year ago, or even a month ago. It does help that I saw Nick Cave twice during the summer and early schoolyear. That really made me feel happier.

I really hope you all don't hate me.

Anyway, as I was looking back at the various articles on the Wiki, I personally think we should have separate articles for "Old RP" and "New RP" versions of a character, then have them tabbed out on one article like on MSW. (Which, by the way, has most likely become even more of a disaster than the last time I checked... I'm afraid.)

Now that I am on a computer, I am going to be working on my own character's articles to improve their development as people (whether or not it will be included in the roleplay) as well as to take out the childish implications of racial familiarity. I really just want to clean this place up.

Also, have you all reached a verdict on a third issue of the RP? I remember that being a discussion last time I was here.

(side note i forgot both my old logins and no longer have access to the email accounts i used for them i know im shit hhh)

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