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  • PeaceOut12


    Thanks to Julia maessaging me, I kinda went through a nostalgia/feels trip with this wiki, and I've come to miss it. 

    But I has returned. XP 

    So yeah...moo.


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  • PeaceOut12

    "With the bombox blaring as we're falling in love~"

    Yeah, hey again. 

    I don't know, I have like unofficially left this RP but I still want to do this. I just wish I can get back hooked. But stuff like Tengaged, SurvivorFanon Wiki, and DeviantArt have all been keeping me away. Also, I have a crud amount of homework and schoolwork and it's just been stressful, so this has not been my major priority. I have Spring Break this week, but I feel like I can't pull myself to do this anymore. :/

    I really wish I can stay with you guys, but I don't know if I can get back into it.

    -Peace a.k.a. Mikey a.k.a. Jersey Unsure a.k.a. That-guy-in-the-corner.

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  • PeaceOut12

    You get a cookie if you know who says that.

    So, if you don't stalk my webpage, then you don't know I am doing a fanon on the Survivor Fanon Wiki. Kinda like Blanky's Sims blog, this is my fanon blog. Here I will post updates and have polls like who's your favorite contestant and stuff like that. So far, here's the first season, currently about to start, Survivor: Portugal! Check out the link here. Have fun and prosper, and also watch (or read I guess) the fanon when it starts!

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  • PeaceOut12

    Song quote.

    So, I'm bored, school starts tomorrow, but I am in the middle of editing and posting a season page on the Survivor Fanon Wiki. I am making a fanon season of Survivor, Survivor: Portugal. It doesn't have Michael in it. I might post a link when I put the first episode up.

    So yeah, randomness~

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  • PeaceOut12

    Favorite song right now, it's a Minecraft parody off of Moves Like Jagger. Here it is.

    So yeah, I changed my icon to something from a site I use. It's basically a very more complex version of the AFM. I use it because I'm doing a fanfiction series of Survivor in another Wikia, I'll have a link once I create the page. The site is Faceyourmanga and you honestly don't need an account to make avatars, but I have because I needed to save and edit them for later. Now, we don't need to switch everyone's pic on their page to this, but you guys can add this if you want to like extra pictures.

    My guy's shirt says Outwit because that's the first part of the Survivor motto, "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast".

    Also, does anyone have a link to the XBox avatar crea…

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