Heeeello, long time no blog.

This one's going to be a bit of a short one, and like the title says, a bit of self-promotion.

As you know, a couple years ago I made a little blogger site for my stories, One Dozen Voices, where I hosted a few stories that I was running.

But, since google was a piece of shit and would not make it easy for me to get back into that account, I decided to make a new one, A Couple Dozen Voices.

It's basically the same blog, but this time around it has some rewrites, and also a new story of mine which I still don't know how to title it, a bit of an AU story in which Shea is a Werewolf. (i've basically been calling it that lately.) So, read it, and let me know what you think about it. Either here or on the blog, it doesn't matter.

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