Title taken from the fact that I basically spent the whole summer just reading books that I avoided almost my whole childhood. Rawr.gif

So... I leave for college in 8 days, and I'm... having very mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I'm going to be studying metalworking and glassblowing and other rad stuff like that, but on the other...

I'm going to be far from my family for a really long time. Keep in mind, the longest I've been away from my family's been like... two weeks, and that was always while I was with other member's of my family. Yeah, it's only three hours away, but... still. It's going to be a nerve-wracking first week/month for me, I know that much.

In an effort to try and curb my anxiety, I spent a lot of time binge-reading. I think most of you know that I got through the Hunger Games in about two weeks, but now I've moved onto Harry Potter. Which at first seemed like a kind of useless read since I've watched every one of the movies, but once I got into them I found that there's was a ton of stuff left out. (Why on earth would you leave Peeves out of the movies?! He's comedy gold!)

In fact, the further that I'm reading into the series, I'm finding it a lot easier to imagine the Hammond's in that sort of setting. I even started writing a fan fiction following the adventure of the Hammond twins' younger cousin, Reagan, which I have hosted on both Tumblr and (yes this is desperate promoting, but you all should read it because HAMMONDS. I'm planning to have more chapters including the twins.)

So... I think that might be it right now.

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