Song title blog. Thought it fit a bit. :B

Last night, I was up until 3 am writing (and downloading more music, like replacing that song above since it vanished from my computer) another story relating to Aeolos' Millard High experience. But instead of it being me like... regurgitating what happened in Millard High, I made it a little bit more personal.

I think it's turning out better so far (I wanted to get through the events of the second day relating to Aeolos.), so I think I'm probably going to end up making that Aeolos' Millard High story, and focusing on the events that heavily had to do with Aeolos (i.e. Aeolos falls in love with Sandy, Aeolos competing in the talent show, etc.) and the friends that he made.

I think I might do a couple stories from my other characters point of view as well, with events that happened to them or were mentioned happening (Leslie and Emette's fight, Shea and Sven's mini-fallout, Annabelle and Randy's dilemma with the possum.)

I'll post a link of the first part of Aeolos' story once I finish it, I'll be posting it on 'A Couple Dozen Voices' as I have been with the Millard stories.

On an unrelated note, is it normal to think of the pain one of your characters goes through as another one dies? Because I've been thinking of how torn apart Aeolos is when Annabelle passes on and it's killing meeeeeee ;n;

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