Early Christmas blog, because I'm typing from a new computer! :D

My dad got sick of my younger siblings complaining about having to unwrap gifts at a later time (parents and the older kids wanted to shoot for 10 am, younger kids wanted to open gifts at like... 6:15. blech.), so he  came up with a sort of compromise, and decided that we should just open gifts at 7 pm on Christmas Eve. Younger kids were belly-aching at first, but then I think they realized that doing it at 7 meant they'd get their gifts sooner.

I only had 1 gift under the tree this year, which I was waiting very, very patiently for since mid-october.

A new 14 inch touchscreen laptop to replace the 16 inch laptop which had a messed up keyboard due to an accident with some soda. (roommate offered an unopened root beer that she carried in her backpack from a friends... opened the soda near the laptop, keyboard was found to be messed up 4 hours later, tears ensued)

So anyway... the reason I've been a wee bit sparse for the past couple weeks is because my keyboard had gotten to the point where I couldn't type a full sentence without the bar being rearranged by the four directional arrows.

I've been beating my brains the past couple of days trying to get stuff off of it... now it's not my problem. WHEE.

Got through finals somewhat easily, I think... only one of my exams was online-written, everything else was in-person. Managed to scrape a bunch  of As and a couple Bs... :') very happy.

My final art projects were a hollow-construction ring (i think i might've been half-way through it the last time I posted?) for my Metals I class, and a video project for my 4D studio, which I got a much better grade than  I thought I would. (26 out of 30, to be exact. very proud because i'd never used a mac before and I got it done on that).

Very excited for 11 o clock to swing around, because the family's going to my grandma's for Christmas, and I FINALLY GET TO PLAY POKEMON ALPHA SAPPHIRE!!! Have a very Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

(it felt so good to type all that in one go)

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