This explains the title

So If you don't know, somewhere toward the end of summer vacation I happened to come across that Millard Madness story that I did a while ago. I tried to ge started on that again since I really wanted to write Sandy and Aeolos' start again. Somewhere into trying to write that again, and I tried to figure out which days were in which parts. I ended up going all the way with it and yeah, even figured out when (based on when the first announced date was, October 31st) the school year might have started. I know this is the lamest thing I could have done but:

Part 1 - Day 1 (Monday? Aeolos enters) 2
Part 2 - Day 2 continued, 3 (Tuesday), 4,
Part 3 - Day 4 continued, 5, 6
Part 4 - Day 6 continued, 7 (Siobhan enters, Lockdown), 8 (Shea enters)
Part 5 - Day 8 continued, Day 9, Weekend: Fair,
Part 6 - Weekend continued; Jacob's party, Day 10
Part 7 - Day 10 continued, Day 11 (Tuesday)
Part 8 - Day 11 continued, Day 12
Part 9 - Day 13 (Prom), Weekend, Day 14
Part 10 - Day 14 continued, Day 15, (Skipped day: 16th) Day 17, Day 18  (Trip, Friday)
Part 11 -  Day 18 continued, Day 19 (Annabelle enters)
Part 11 and a half -  Day 19 continues, (Week skip) Day 26 (Halloween/Festival), Weekend
Part 12 - Weekend continues  (Battle of the Bands), Day 27 (Doug enters), Day 28 (Field Day), Day 29 (Llama Flu Lockdown)
Part 13 - Day 29 continued, (Week skip) Day 36 (Thanksgiving, Muhammed enters, Jacob and Aeolos revealed to be cousins)
Part 14 - Day 36 continued, (Several Week Skip) Day 61
Part 15 - Day 61 continued, Christmas Break (Ski Trip; Three Days)
Part 16 - Christmas Break continues, (Two Day Skip) New Years Eve, (Week Skip), Day 74 (Valeri enters)
Part 17 - Day 74 continues, Day 75, Day 76 (Picture Day)
Part 18 - Day 76 continues, Day 77, Weekend (Fundraiser)
Part 19 - Weekend continues (Day Skip) Day 78, (Four Day Skip) Weekend (Detention)
Part 20 - Weekend continues, (28 Day Skip) Day 98 (Valentines Day), (19 Day Skip) Day 117 (Randy enters)
Part 21 - Day 117 continues, Day 118
Part 22 - Day 118 continues (Talent Show), Day 119
Part 23 - Day 119 continues, Day 120
Part 24 - Day 120 continues, Day 121 (Field Trip, Gabe enters), Day 122
Part 25 - Day 122 (Laquisha enters)

First day of school was September 23rd or September 24th

Another thing

I've been participating in a lapidary (rock cutting) class the past couple tuesdays and last tuesday I made my very own cabochon to make a pendant with. Photo later of the dinky thing I cut from a rock but I'm still proud of.

And another

HIT ME UP on 'Aero-and-friends' on if you want to do like a little mini-roleplay, like, for real, I made the thing predominately for that reason.

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