It's tru-u-u-ue, CHLOOOOOOOOO-WAY, I know your sister--*shot*

Soooooooooo, tomorrow from 6 o'clock to... lateeeer, Me, my little sisters and my mom are going to see an EMBLEM3 CONCERT!!! :o

It's been a while  since the last time I went to a concert (to put it in perspective, it was a couple months before I joined MySims wiki), so I'm super, super excited, even though I'm just a casual fan of them. (or maybe just a plain fan? My sisters are all out fans, so yeah).

In honor of that, I have to ask: What is the most ridiculous thing each one of your characters has said or done (or just the sillest they've acted) out of being a fan of something.

Like for instance, when Siobhan was about 10, one day she was found laying on the floor, crying and hugging a Beatles album sleeve. When asked why she was crying, it was 'Because I'm never going to meet the Beatles'

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