Guess who's birthday's coming up in a week? That's meeeee.

I'm pretty excited. :3 I'm going to be going horseback riding with the ladies from my family (and tyler) which I did a little while ago for my 15th birthday.

All I seem to be drawing nowadays is a bunch of Harvest Moon fanart, small children and Aeolos. I want to draw more characters than Aeolos, but I'm kinda stuck for now. Maybe I'll finally get around to drawing his sibling and the other Hyacinth siblings? Or maybe even the Clovers? I dunno.

And a character question, if your character had an element (i.e. Water, Fire, Earth, Air), what would it be?

I like to associate Aeolos with Air (mostly because of the name, ha.), because he's a pretty light-hearted person.

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