Millard High

Part 21! We've got a longrunner here. SO! During the past part we've had the end of the Saturday Detention, where the students who were in the detention escaped from the mysterious tunnels under the school, to the park. After that was Valentine's Day, which actually went on for the duration of the last part. We recently skipped from Valentine's Day to March 13th specifically, and as of now we're in Gym Class, doing a swimming lesson. Have fun~!

AFM-AnnabelleAFM-AeolosAFM DominickAFM BlankyAFM SamsonDrew AnimeJess HowardSandy ImpertinentAFM-LeslieAFM-DaisyZoeyDemetriMichael AFMCarlos AFMJayden2 AFMKurtPeaceAmanda JaneAmeFern Human CartoonAFM SvenAFM-SheaAFM-SiobhanKatEmetteAnimeAviDevonJacobAnimeAviSky.avieBelindaMegan.avieJessieDarrenChantelAFM MiaAFM SeanAFM-MuhammedGracie2Peter2Susan Bones2Thomas Havec2Craig Spedster (Anime)Steve Spedster (Anime)Iona123RaphaelShapiroAFMAipersonMikeScottoJaazmynZion


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